Keyboard producing numbers not letters

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Suddenly pressing certain keys on the right side of the keypad produced numbers instead of letters. I have found a temporary solution, pressing and holding the function key while pressing 1 means the key I then press on the right hand side responds normally, but it does not work for the next key, I have to repeat the process. Can someone please offer some advice - many thanks in advance.

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You have turned on the NumLock feature of you keyboard. Find the NumLk key on the top row and press it at the same time as the Function key. That should turn this off.

Good Luck
Wow, that was quick, and it worked. I hadn't been able to locate the num lk key, but with your calm and complete answer, could do so and all is good. Could this problem have been caused by inserting a WebKey which was provided by a trusted supplier with information, as I inserted this just prior to problem occurring?
It worked. Many thanks.