Keyboard/cursor keeps moving on it's own!

 coorsfield -
I have an HP dv2000. When working on a document or an email or anything I am need to type, my keyboard is driving me CRAZY!! It skips and moves so I end up having to move the cursor back to where it shuooudl be and start typing again!

I can't figurre out why it's doing this, have called HP twice and they can't seem to help.

has anyone had this issue?? It's MADDENING!!


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What operating system are you using just to be clear?

When you are typing have you tried pushing the small button just above your touch pad? Once you press this it should change the light from blue to orange and turn off your touch pad. Even touch these slightly when your typing can have a big effect depending on how you type. Try this when your typing and see if it helps.

The next step if your still having problems would be to reinstall the drivers for the touch pad and keyboard.

Let me know and ill get back to you.
maybe you have a friend who installed a prank software on your computer. try checking taskmanager processes with ctrl-alt-del if there are anything like prank.exe, ghostkeyboard.exe or similar in your processes. then google that process. if it says in google results that it's a prank program kill the process, then kill you friend.
try another keyboard, like goodwill, arc, or savers; if no maybe try