Keyboard numbers on right side of keyboard [Solved/Closed]


I have a new keyboard and can't activate the number keypad on the right side of the keyboard. Numbers, Up, top of the keyboard are activated.

Can you please tell steps to activate the rest of the buttons?

System Configuration: Windows 7 Internet Explorer 8.0
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approved by Ratnendra Ashok on Jan 29, 2019
Thank you
Dear Sir,

Please press the Num Lock button and then get the possibility to use the number keys on the right of your keyboard.

Thank you.

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Came across this answer when researching same issue. Thank you. Wish everything was this easy!!!!!!!!!
Just had the same trouble... it took me forever to find an answer! As simple as it is. Thanks
Like a boss :)
Thank you!!! This just worked for me. I'm so happy.