No disk but need to restore Toshiba 1415 S173

 louis -

I have the same problem with my Toshiba 1415 S17 with no disk and the CD/DVD not working. F8, restoring to a previous working state does not work.

Can I use any other function keys, ets?

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Hi there,

You have to order the recovery cd if you do not have it,try to boot from a windows installation cd to verify if you can boot from it or need to change the drive,get on official Toshiba website and order your recovery disk or any online websites.

Hi Thanks,

I have all the 3 recovery disk. The problem is the CD drive is not working or booting to recognize the media. I've pressed ESC which give my the black screen which I can change the boot order. I do have a 3/5 floppy (6 total). Maybe I can use that drive if I copy the media from the CD's?

Also, pressing the "Zero" upon starting and restarting doesn't work either. From what I was told by calling Toshiba, this should have gievn me an option to restore to Factory settings.