My PS3 power button doesn't work [Closed]

 bread -
My ps3 power button doesn't work for some reason and I need to reset the display settings to factory settings cause I took it to my mates (who has a HDMi), now I've brought it home, to my crap TV and all I get is a blank screen.

Please help me

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Errm.. Press the PS button on your controller and then hold the power button for 10 or 15 seconds and.. Done..
Thank you

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@ThatsMyName the power button does not work so it wont work I have the same problem
Anonymous User
do it on console not controller
press O/1 5-6 seconds until you hear a beep
the O/I button is unresponsive and the eject button works sometimes...i hold if for 20secs nothing, I tap still nothing
Anonymous User
without this button there's not alot you can do then
yea i've figured that...i'll leave it unplug for couple hours n see what becomes of it

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