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Hello, I wrote another message - but don't see that it "took" here so hopefully this won't be redundant. I've been a PC user since the 70s - and really have no interest in Vista. I currently have 2 laptops and a desktop running XP with 512 ram. Since, they're just about ready to be updated, and Vista is being pushed so hard - I'm wondering if anyone has advice about Macs. I'm looking at the newer ones and am gravitating toward them because XP will eventually not be supported and my choice will be Vista, which seems to be a mess. MS has already planned on releasing their new OS in 2010 so I have a feeling Vista will be like ME was.....I'm Not a gamer but do like Yahoo games or small on-line shockwave games.... If I want a serious game, I'd rather have a playstation or Wii anyway. I am a heavy MS user - as far as MS Office.... need to access my husband's college site for on-line courses..... etc. Any suggestions?

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I have always and only used Macs. I think you would enjoy using one as well. You can buy and install the MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) on any Mac. You can buy the Mac versions, which are all compatible with the PC versions (the interface looks a bit different and keyboard shortcuts are different). The Mac is very stable and easy to use and I've never had to use or install any virus protection software. That's my 2 cents. :)
Just purchased the 20 inch iMac. It is faster than my MacBookPro
and cost much less. If you want a sharp screen in which the fonts
pop then consider getting the upgraded model. It is faster,
has a better graphic card, has more storage, more memory,
and will make your day brighter. Why spend time downloading
or going online. It flies.

Just plug in a your are set to go. All the programs are preloaded
as well as the latest system which is called Leopard.

I know of no one who was ever sorry they upgraded to a
faster, more efficient computer.

Good luck in your hunting.