Pic for background of flash drive folders

 rahul -
I was just wondering how to put a picture as the background of my flash drive folders. if there is any one who can help me with this would be great. Ive bine looking all over the place and have found nothing that works. I have windows vista. hope there is someone out there to help me. thanks

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DUDE it work
WOOOO! yeh
hi guys.. I just found this site during my exploration... can I ask something? are you familiar about usb booting? please tell naman if somebody is this forum have done that thing successful?coz I want to try that also with my Eee box CPU.. ^_^ thanks!
Hello Guys...

Well, all the codes works only if I save on the root of my Flash Drive.. it didnt work if I saved inside to any folder of my Flash Drive..

can anyone tell me how to do that? (make background image to any folder of the Flash Drive.)

actually, I can make it to any folder of my hard disk but in a flash drive the code doesnot worked.

thnx in advance.
I follow your instruction but it's not working.. please HELP me...PLEASE............


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hope you understand me and hope you hel p me..

just email me at Email Id and phone number removed for security


so what is the code to not only change the main background but also in the sub folders? I mean in all the folders? how!