Pic for background of flash drive folders

 rahul -
I was just wondering how to put a picture as the background of my flash drive folders. if there is any one who can help me with this would be great. Ive bine looking all over the place and have found nothing that works. I have windows vista. hope there is someone out there to help me. thanks

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First of all put the iamge file ( eg. test.jpg) in the root of the Flash drive. Then create a text file there and rename it to desktop.ini to the root of the Flsh drive.. Make sure it's not a .txt file.

Then open the desktop.ini file in notepad and enter following content.



>>.try it. :)
Thank you

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thanks alot ilove u
oo nga naman ,, bat ayaw ,, ???
Hundred times I tried but nothing happen :'(
it doesn't work. kahit ilang bese. ayaw pa din T_T
Step 1: Copy the cose below in a notepad then save it as "desktop.ini". Save it in your flash drive along with your pic.


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Step 2: Refresh your flash drive.
how to make the background picture to be stretch in my usb?plzplz
help me
thx a lot
does it work on windows 7 ultimate guys?
it won't work on windows 7 and vista. only in xp
it's working and I can change the font colour too :D
thanks :D
bakit di siya gumagana sa root directory ng hard disk? yung dati na ginamit ko gumana naman. tapos I white font color ko sana para kabahan ang mga papasok sa drive C: ko. hahaha. :p
,.thank you for this code",),. it helps a lot,.
nice ang background...
tanx sa marunong..
1.) Copy Paste the following code in the notepad and rename that notepad file to desktop.ini (Just make sure when you paste this code, the Double Quotes are in Notepad format otherwise type the Double quotes manually from your keyboard.)


2.) Choose any image of your choice and rename it to back. jpg

3.) Copy Paste both these files (i.e. desktop.ini and back. jpg) into your USB device and make them hidden by selecting Properties -> Hidden Files.
That's it. You are done.

Just REFRESH your screen (of your USB device) and you will see your image on background.
hi iam igah I want to put back behind my folders in my flash drive. I try but can't succeed can some body help.
just tell me how to do it. I would be very greatfull if any one do.
just copy the code and save paste it in notepad and then save to ur flash drive then change the naem of a file "desktop.ini" and then edit the picture image of ur bakground
how to put background image my flash drive?
example when you open the flash drive automatic they have a background......
it wont work for me how do I change it from text file
go to the TOOLS>FOLDER OPTIONS>VIEW> and uncheck the hide extensions of known files to reveal the ext. for changing purposes, The ext becomes part of the name of the file you rename the whole thing. But remember to go back and hide extensions when ur done or it could cause problem in ur day to day.
this work in window 7
it doesnt work on my flash drive my os is vista
when your saving the file,,,change it to .ini file
example. desktop.ini
> maryland
if my pic are inside the folder name Wall Paper

how do I change this?

> Yabs
how to create background in USB Drive if folder open you will see a background..how?
plssss pass the complete code in how to put background in usb
does it only work in the flash drive?
because I want to make a wallpaper of my folder inside my flash drive.....
do you know how???
please help me.....
thank you!
ill wait for your reply...
> ghin
yes ghin. it only work in the flash drive...
but if I got a chance to know if there's a way to have a background in your folder I will instruct you immediately..
thank you....now I know how to do it... thank you so much....
Where I can find the root of the flash drive??
I dont know that...
plz rep as soon..
The root is the first thing in the flash drive like :C/ or :D/ it what opens when you first click on the drive.
eyyyy.....thank you so much...you help me a lot.......TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
last step: to command prompt!!!
i dont know how to change it to .ini file.,.,my pc is vista.,.,
mike Tnx it really work....................
erm..i would like to ask izzit the code works in window vista??
i tried it..
but apparently..
it doesn't work..
anyone have solution for this???
it will not work for vista...!