Kingston 64 GB DataTraveler Pen Drive [Solved/Closed]

 Sandy -

I bought a pendrive 64 GB, when i put it on the PC, It recognizes the usb pen drive, but the only option it is giving me is FORMAT. when i click on it , it says can not be FORMATTED.

Its a new Kingston pen drive I bought from Hongkong from one Mall. And I haven't been able to use
this pendrive once also. From the day I bought it, its not usable.

Is there any way or any other software to format the pendrive and the pendrive will start working?

Important Information about Format screen :

When the format screen comes it shows as follows :
Capacity : 8.00 MB
File System : FAT
Allocation Unit size : Default allocation size

Quick Format Option is only available and when I choose it. It says "Windows was unable to complete the Format".

I will be glad and very happy to hear your suggestions.

I will be also very thankful to you if you can help me out.

Configuration: Windows XP-SP2, Internet Explorer 6.0

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Hi there,

You can make a try with hp disk formatting tool,you will get it for download on link below:

Thank you

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it worked on my 256gb kingston udb pendrive thank u so much dude
Hi closeup22,

Many Many thanks, this software is very good, after installing software the drive is formatted...


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