How to change the language on my computer [Solved/Closed]

 Faah -
pls help me to change the language,everything is coming in arabic which I dont understand I need everything to be in english.

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go to control panel nd go to regional nd language one nd look for the language you want I didnt put one step in here but I think yah smart enough to know what to do
Thank you

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When I was signed onto the Internet, I clicked on tools (for my computer it was in the upper right), The at the the drop down, I clicked on Internet Options, and in appearance I clicked Language. The only problem is figuring out what your language is, in the language your computer is set on. For me English was Engels. Took a while for me to figure that out. Good luck...I was so frustrated until I finally figured this there were a bunch of places that I had changed the language, but it did not resolve the full problem, till I did this.
Thank you
Thanks you so much ✌
thanx double tıme!
my pc is now frence .. I need it to be english .. I dont know what happened
please help me to change my computer language

please I need help
how do I change my computer from english to sapnish-
For Vista User, you have to re install the Operating system and when prompted to choose language during the installation, you must choose very carefully before proceedidng with the installation.

Another step is: go to Control Panel and go to Regional and Language. Then choose the language you want, then click Apply or Finish.

Hope this will help you.
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If you have Windows XP Home you can NOT change the Language. You must buy a new copy with the language you want. Sorry.

thanks for your suggestions, i'm grateful.
yea me to every thing is arabic help me solve it...

elow thanks for the answer now I use it perfectly.....see u soon at Email Id removed for security

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