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 Kate -
I did have sound a few days ago, now nothing. I checked all the cables and diagnostic test shows my sound is working. It probably started after I purchased another external DVD RW drive and loaded the NERO information for the driver. It messed up my compouter so I just uninstwalled the NERO file and now I show I have all my DVD RW showing and working, but now I have no sound. Need I tried all the computer testing that I could and still say everyTHING is working, except I have no dial tone on one of the testing. Any help will be appreciated.

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Check out these sound device tips from Microsoft:
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I had the same problem and nothing worked for me until I found a handy forum like this wherein someone had mentioned it might be the headphone jack. There's a tiny switch inside the headphone jack that signals to your computer whether to filter sound through the jack or through the speakers. The switch gets jammed occasionally for various reasons. If you've recently had headphones plugged in, they could have jammed the switch, filtering all sound through the headphone jack only (basically, your computer thinks it has headphones in all the time). Test it by plugging in headphones - can you hear sound through them? Then unplug and plug them back in several times to try and unjam the switch. Have a song or something playing so you can see if it resumes working as you do this. Good luck!
i have no sound on my laptop computer can you help me to get some sound...
You must go to control panel....then dbl click on sounds and and Audio devices....then click on (your sound device?) Sound??? (names change depending on your sound card) device - might be at top or 2nd down from top... dbl click on it! Go to Driver and click on it....hit uninstall button...and exit in control panel (note - some ver will automatic see hardware found - click install if this pops up) click on Add Hardware - and follow promt (s) ..Should take care of it - Updateing hardware / Software drivers form (xxx) will not...Updateing software from (xxx) your Laptop provider will not...

Good luck
I used your trick and it worked! Yesterday the sound was working just fine but I moved into a new apartment today and thought my computer was damaged in the move. Thanks Oh Boy!
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How did it occur ?

Plz tell the brand and the model* of ur computer. (*or the Serial Number for Dell, Fujitsu and PB)
Hey, thanks for the reply, but I got fed up with my computer so I went out and got me a new desk top with all the latest gagets. Thank You anyway for your conmcern. Corgingus