Cannot hear sound from headphones

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I could not hear sound from headphones but headphones are working properly. Sound is coming from speakers but not hear sound from headphones.please send me reply.

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I've got the front and back audio connectors working simultaniously on my Motherboard (Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R) with Realtec drivers.
  • Activate the 'Mute the rear output device when a front headphone plugged in' under the advanced settings menu.
  • Click on Folder Icon next to Analog. Click on the 'Disable Front Panel Jack Detection' button.
  • I've got both green connectors set to headphone.
  • Only the 'Speakers' icon is '2nd Output Device' is showing.

It has always worked for me.
Thank you

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Hi, none of these methods are working for me. I've got the sound out of the rear output jack but can't find anything to change it to the front jack! It is really frustrating me! :@
Theres no "sound option" please be more specific, if by that you meant right-clicking the taskbar horn icon or accessing sound/audio device through control panel neither of those give us access to such options (properties) (headphones) so im still confused? this problem is frustrating enough I wish someone would be more clear about this
Yes, thats what I mean. I can access the properties and icon on the toolbar but no choice is given onthe Realtek Audio I/O Menu. I get the spanner button on the right of the word 'Analog' but that only gives me the choice of seeing whether or not I want to enable a pop up dialog when a device is plugged in! I get sound out of the rear jack but I want my earphones to work in the front jack port. My computer recently went in for a hardware change and came back with this problem. Any help, much appreciated.
it worked. thanks
it is problem sound driver related update your sound drive then problem solved.
If you followed all the advice above and still cant find a cure, I might have another suggestion for you.

1. First be sure that you are not sharing ports in the front and back. The green port in the back is the same port thats used as a headphone in the front. The same goes for the pink microphone jack. So be sure only ONE of these (either the front or the back) is in use.
2. If no sound comes from the front jacks, go into "Reaklek HD Audio Manager" and in the "Audio I/O" tab click the little wrench button next to the word "Analog."
3. In this setting, CHECK "Disable Front Panel Jack Detection."
4. Click OK and suddenly you should be hearing audio and recording with your mic from the front jacks.

Hope this helps you guys, Good luck!
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Thank you so much Titan :)
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Audioman8i8, Have you checked your Control Panel?
u r superb dude thnx very much
thanks vry much dude... u r awesome
i cant find the wrench button
Using both front and rear panel? Front panel for headphone and rear for speakers? Then, speakers working, headphone not? Here's a little trick:

Open Realtek HD Audio, select Audio I/O, click the "Connector Setting Icon" right side of the "ANALOG"
text, after clicking it, a Connector Setting Window/Dialog Box will pop out.

There are three check boxes on it, the Disable, Mute and Enable, Mute/2nd box and Enable/3rd box already had checks on them, put a check on the Disable/1st box.

Test your headphone and speaker, they should both working now. Uncheck the Disable/1st box later.

Hope this help you guys.. Sorry for my bad english.. ^_-
how do you get to Open realtek hd audio?
i got to the part where it says analog but there's nothing next to it...
hey the only option I have is the enable one . please somebody help me..........
thanks a lot for your guidence
i cant find the "connector setting icon"
Go on Realtek.

Just press speaker off. You should get the headphone sound if you have them plugged in.

I have an Advent K laptop.
Solution for me :
Go to device advanced settings located at the right hand corner of the screen in realtek hd audio and make sure the ''mute the rear output device, when a front headfone plugged in'' is highlighted this has solved my problem. I stayed up from 11pm to 2:42am trying to figure this out.............. never ever mess around with buttons in realtek hd audio manager.
Go on Realtek.

Just press speaker off. You should get the headphone sound if you have them plugged in.

I have an Advent K laptop.
check the sound and audio properties set setting advance set the speaker set up to headphone
cheers titans, worked like a charm: just check that disable front panel detection checkboc
after I reformat my vaio notebook ,i also got same problem.but I solved it , disabled the microphone then I heard the sound coming from my headphone @@ XD
thanks titan for yuor suggestion.its help me..:)
Solution is very simple.

Goto Realtek Audio HD manager in systray
goto AudioIO tab and see where is the headphone/speaker symbol
There should be only one such symbol depending on where u have connected the headphones(front/rear)
If you find headphone symbol repeating at some other place, change it to something else
Now everything will work
i have the same problem I solved it

1st download a new version of your sound driver and reinstall it.. DO NOT use the same sound driver to reinstall this should solve your problem ..


I have a similar problem. I am using Vista business. I installed Windows Live Messenger and Skype. Just after that no sound is coming from my laptop, even in the opening. However, I can hear sounds if I use headphones. Although I uninstall Messenger and skype the problem continues.
I am waiting for your answers.
I had that problem but quickly solved it by just taking out sound system putting microphone in and it working fine, hope this can help any of you guys.
> Tom
Hey can you help me I have a probrem with my ipod...
thanks a lot for your guidance

/HD audio driver isnt working via headset/
I had the same ploblem, (no sound via headset, but the speakers are working) used by xp prof, and I cant solve it. There was time, when everything was fine, headset and speakers are worked but I dont know why (i didnt install anything) the speakers worked fine, but the headphone jack is "cutted off". Uninstall/install the asus drivers but nothing happened.

Important thing! When the laptop starts there is a sound (ASUS something) that sound come out from the headset!!! But under the super windows no sound.

Same results as when I plugged the microphone the computer sign that one jack plugged/unplugged, but the headset jack isnt working.
I visit the asus website there was a hint "go to asus service" very good.

Finally (before I go to the asus service) last chance I put a win7 to my laptop (ASUS F3SG) at the first time the results was the same no sound via headset. But I find a new driver on the realtek site Vista_Win7_R2 40.
Now everything is working fine.

I hope it helps to somebody because I almost lost my mind.