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I have Hp Compaq Presario F700, my sound card is not working anymore. It says no audio output device is installed. Unfortunately, there is no "sound, video and game controllers" in device manager, and also my sound device is not seen in device manager. My sound appeared a few days ago, but after a restart it has gone again. I tried to install the driver over and over again, but it says "could not find MEDIA device for this driver" I don't know what to do! Please someone help me.

My Operating System is Vista.
AUD?O: Conexant HD-Audio SmartAudio 221

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Try this 1.

First download the "Chipset" drivers and install it ---> then try installing the

audio drivers. If the problem still exists try updating your BIOS.
Thank you

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hi I had my packard bell in a computure shop for a complete disc drive clear when it came bk the sound was working and continued to work for 6 months now it has gone off and keeps saying no audio output device installed what can I do please to fix it for free
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I had the same problem. In case you haven't find a solution yet. Try this, disable your antivirus (all of them if you have many), uninstall any sound related program (I had VLC media player), restart your computer...after rebooting the system will find your sound hardware and install the driver automatically. You may enable your antivirus again. Try to install only the appropriate to your OS software.I had the VLC installed to a previous windows version and I used the same package to a newer OS. It appears that there was an other package suitable for my new OS...that caused me a lot of problems.
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missmojito, I have the same exact brand laptop presario f700, fixed the problem by updating BIOS. apparently my current BIOS is already outdated and theres new version of it. if you want to download the correct BIOS update for your laptop,go to Compaq website, the state your laptop model and operating system,then download the link ''BIOS'' and install, and after that reboot, voilah!
Hope this working for you
Please try all the fixes, but...
Well, things are not good. Do you have the dvd/cd still working? Mine is not working along with the same sound problem. Some days they work, when they work they work in the meanwhile, when they didn't they didn't together.
I tried all the fixes, none worked. I have reinstalled, sound and chip drivers, then BIOS, and ... Vista after formatting,...useless. It is like the sound and dvd hardware are missing from the system, they are not listed at all in the device manager list.
Unfortunately I think it is a overheating problem, did your laptop shut down by itself because of overheating? Mine did, and probably the chips soldiers or the wires are broken. Still a strange software conflict can do the same job, I HOPE is this, but I have run out of ideas.
If anybody fixed this(not the easy things, like drivers, bla bla) please let us know...
I found the solution : For windows 7, mb on vista will work either, just give it a try. Hi guys, i've been struggling 2 days of trying to fix the sound on presario F700. I've tried every possible driver or tips,hints to get fixed, but nothing could fix it. Finally I was staring at device menager was wondering that yellow sign it doesn't want to hide and it doesn't.

I said to myself I will just uninstall the conexant driver through the device manager, right click on the mouse, and would see what will going to happend. After this I had rebooted the pc because I knew when some driver is missing after a restart the windows is looking automatically to find the driver, it's been installed High definition audio device by microsoft and it works on 100%, I couldn't believe but that was the only thing which fixed my issue :smileyvery-happy: It was so simple, but you know guys everyone is learning by his mistakes, in future I will know what is the cure for these presario laptops :smileyhappy:
Go and try it, fingers crossed. I will watch on that topic, so it would be nice to share what happened with you :: Have a good night guys.
This has been happening to me after a Windows upgrade recently, it also happens after iTunes upgrades - I haven't figured out the fix, sometimes flashing the BIOS works, sometimes installing the driver works - I am ready to pull my hair out - I need my speakers. Does anyone know if upgrading to windows 7 will help?
i have same problem but I have a HP compaq dc7800 mini tower desktop I tried almost all the things on the net but nothing happens plz help me