No audio device Windows xp sp3 [Solved/Closed]

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Hello, All I have formated my Pc Because of lagg spikes in games etc.
I have installed windows xp service pack 3 But then I tried to go to youtube and hear some music and then I have no sound all programs with sound Cant I hear any sound And under sound and audio devices it says "no audio device" and all is grey under thath tab I have tried to install all audio drivers I could find But it isent working And I have seen videos on youtube and have looked all over google But no one have the working solution Any one here there knows a Working way

I have a ibm thinkcentrelenovo m55 8807-93g
sorry for bad english! :(
Have a following good day and merry christmas and happy new year!
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I lost my sound while watching a video...(yet all my drivers were working, I had the no audio device status)...tried all the usual the end I downloaded a new free anti virus, malwarebytes from you have a virus it disables restore, and any antivirus already onboard)....I ran malwarebytes and removed a trojan, then I found the "file signature verification" tool....on XP it is in system info/tools..(along with net diagnostics) as normal then used advanced and "start" for every finds unsigned files,but did not allow to delete, unless it does it automatic, this may not be important, but it was what I did.. Then I did a system restore...and found a new restore a virus must have disabled the restore points, and BINGO my sound came problem was my browser firefox was stripped of bookmarks,passwords, and plug ins..bare naked.....but no bother, at least I got my sound back...
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This is our standard steps for this type problem. You probably need to download the proper sounde device for your hardware. Perhaps you should download "Slimdrivers" - it will identify the requilred drives and download/install them for you.

Things You'll Need:

* Driver and Application Recovery CDs
* Updated sound driver software

Check the Speaker Connections and Volume Control Settings

1. Step 1 Verify that the lack of sound is not due to faulty speaker connections. A simple way to test it is to substitute the speaker connection with headphones and see if you get any sound.

2. Step 2 Open the volume control window by clicking your "Start" button and then "All Programs." Click "Accessories," then "Entertainment," then "Volume Control." Alternatively, just click on the speaker icon that's in your System Tray.

3. Step 3 Check the volume and mute settings. If any of the mute check boxes have been checked, uncheck them. If this doesn't work, read on.

Perform a System Restore If Necessary

4. Step 1 If the sound has been audible from your computer's speakers and is suddenly lost, you may need to perform a System Restore. Click on the " Start" button and then "All Programs."

5. Step 2 Click on "Accessories," then "System Tools," then "System Restore."

6. Step 3 Complete the System Restore Wizard. If this doesn't work, read on.

Delete and Reinstall the Original Sound Drivers

7. Step 1 Deleting and reinstalling your sound driver may resolve the problem. Your sound driver may have been corrupted or may be missing. The result of this is that the restore utility menu won't be available. For Windows, follow these steps.

8. Step 2 Click on your "Start" button. Click on "Control Panel" and then "System." Next, click on "Hardware," then "Device Manager, then "Sound, Video and Game Controllers."

9. Step 3 Click on a sound device named in the Device Manager, and then press the Delete key on the keyboard. Click "OK" in the window that appears. Remove all the listed sound devices I this way EXCEPT Audio Codec and Legacy Audio Drivers.

10. Step 4 Restart your computer. Reinstall the deleted drivers using the Driver and Application Recovery CDs that came with your Windows system.

11. Step 5 Visit your computer manufacturer's official website. Check for any updated sound driver software for your sound card. If any, download them along with the installation instructions.
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Check for the default audio device from the device properties. Follow these steps to do the same:
a. Click Start. Click Control Panel.
b. Click Sounds and Audio devices.
c. Click on the Audio tab.
d. Choose the default audio device from the drop down menu.
e. Click Apply. Click OK.
there is no audio device