Touchpad emachines 525 doesn't work anymore..

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I have this emachines, 10 months ago, yestarday i used it, it worked normally, and 30 minutes after, i wanted to use it again and the touchpad didn't work...
Anyway my computer says that it works correctly and that it's activate antivirus avast doesn't detect any virus..
thaks for your help!!

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On my e-machine, its the button next to the power button at the top of the screen - when you look at it closely it shows a pic of a finger on a, umm, touchpad.

Embarrasingly, I obviously disabled it and eventually went out and bought a wireless mouse... But not the most obvious button to press, and when looking into the issue I thought that there would be some software to allow it to be enabled again...
Thank you

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yeahhh! thank you guys!! it was that =S
Well it could be that you pressed the button next to the power on the left if thelights on then press it and it should work
wow i feel really stupid now never noticed the button with the finger next to the power button -_-

Hi there,

You may have disabled it by shortcut keys ,please get on Faq and have the instructions for enabling/disabling touchpad on laptops: