My Toshiba Windows 8 , touchpad not working [Solved/Closed]

Izzy - Dec 31, 2014 at 10:56 AM - Latest reply:  Aja
- Feb 15, 2018 at 03:59 AM
Hi so I got this laptop about 6 days ago and my touchpad isn't working when I first sign into the laptop it works fine but then when I get to the home screen it doesn't work. I tried pressing shift , alt , num lock and it asked do you want to turn on mouse keys but I can't click yes because the touch pad would not let me . Please help me asap I don't want to pay more money for something I got 6 days ago
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Thank you
Thanks God!!!! I just got scared.....anyways CTL+F5 worked for me finally :D

Thank you, Sweety 334

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Amazing who thought it would be that simple. Thanks for the fix.
This worked thanks saved me
Thanks it worked as magic
Yes CTRL + F5 worked for me too :)
Thank you
Thank you
Hi did you manage to get this sorted? My mousepad has just packed in too. I've had mine since Chirstmas and it works until you sign in and then just freezes! And takes ages to swtich on as its constantly updating something everytime I switch it on
Thank you
I think so but I think there might be a setting on the computer to turn the touchpad on so I don't really want to return it
Thanks alot
Thanks for the tip it worked fine and I'm glad to say everything is functioning :)
Thanks for the top hat ! Everything is now functioning normally and I'm very happy with my laptop ! So thank you jat :)
Thanks for the tip JAT, I'm happy to say everything works fine now :) so thank you JAT:)
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Hi :) can you help me with my problem? I can move the cursor through the touchpad but it can't click anything. ctrl + f5 & fn + f5 don't work. Please help me with this :(
Thank you
tnx jat

ur suggestion saved me
Thank you
f5 worked for me too - thank you SO much!!
Ctrl + F5 also worked for me,,, Phew!!!
CTL+F5 works for me too.
It shows me where my cursor is when I hit CTRL +F5 but then it dissappears and I cant use my touchpad at all.