Reinstall Windows XP home on Acer Aspire one

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My son's Aspire One is critically low on Memory (<100MB). Also, since virtually day one it has run a disk check on startup 8/10 times.. so I'm thinking I should reinstall XP?

It only has the 8GB of onboard memory with a further 8GB on an SSD card.

XP home edition came preinstalled, and the pc was supplied with 2 discs - one labelled "System CD" and the other "MS .. XP Home edition SP3". Niether of these discs autorun so I'm guessing they are not recovery discs.

Additionally, I have an external CD/DVD rewriter that I can use and also a CD for XP Pro (running on my main PC).

So, looking at the various threads, I've tried the ALT F10 thing but that does not respond. Can I reinstall using my XP Pro disc? and if so how do I do that. I'm ok to "clean install" and then reinstall the apps also.


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Aug 24, 2010 at 07:55 AM
Hi there,

You need to boot from the disk to be able to perform either recovery or installation of windows ,insert the cd and press F8 on boot of system.Then follow the onscreen instructions.