Ipod playing through speakers and headphones?

 Mads. -
i have one of the video ipods. 5th generation i think, not to sure though. when i play it it will play both out of the ipod its self and the headphones attached, and when i try to put on the radio it says that the headphones aren't connected, even though they are connected to the ipod fully. i have tried different headphones, just in case it was a fault of the headphones, and yes i have resetted it almost 5 times now, and no improvement. it is still under warrenty so if noone has any suggestions and nothing can be done then i'll have to send it away, but i would like to try to get it done as soon as. thankyou.

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Try plugging it into your computer & syncing it. That's what I just did and it works now.
Thank you

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that worked!!!! thanks ashley!!!
thanks it worked on me.God Bless!!
That actually worked. Grateful, Dude
It worked! Thanks a lot. I owe you one. Lol

Dear Megan,

If you have tried different headphones, it is obviously coming from the iPod and you should get it back to its distributor for it is still under warranty. It will be of no use to send it to a Repair Shop for it is under warranty.

Thank you.

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