Can't exit Power saving mode

Definer - Dec 17, 2008 at 06:32 AM
 adam - Jan 7, 2013 at 08:26 PM
Hi, I've just got myself a brandnew Dell desktop XPS420 with Vista on it. Everything seemed to work fine, but my computer enters Power saving mode at completely random times while im actually on the PC.
For example: I'm writing a document then suddenly my screen goes blank and it says "Entering Power saving mode" after which the green Power-light on the monitor changes orange-ish. When I try to wake it up again, by either pressing keys on the keyboard or move the mouse, nothing happens. Pressing any power-button (or monitor button) doesn't help either and the only thing I can do is hold the Power-button to shut my computer down and reboot it. This happens alot, no matter what I'm doing and I don't know how to solve it.

I've changed all of the Power save mode-settings into 'off', also in BIOS. This didn't help. All Windows updates are installed and running and I didn't install any other programs yet whatsoever.

Can someone explain how I prevent my computer entering Power saving mode? And how I exit that mode, since that doesn't work either.

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after reading all the advice I tore into my Dell XPS400...cleaned out the dust ...removed and reinstall the memory cards and noticed the fan on the after-market graphics card was broken...reinstalled original graphics card and problem solved...thanks
I had to replace the motherboard - by a process of testing working components on my PC and my PC parts on another working machine it got down to being the last item it could be.
Thanks a lot on the advice on changing batery on motherboard when computer enters intor "power save" - Super!
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Jan 16, 2010 at 03:43 PM
Thanks everyone for all the advice on how to solve this power saving mode problem. I have replaced the battery on the motherboard, cleaned the inside of the tower as best I can--vacuumed it and used canned air--it was really dirty! Still cannot get anything to show up on monitor other than DVI power saving mode. Cannot start in safe mode. We removed the video card and replaced it with one from another computer. We were able to see images on the monitor screen like the brand logo or something, but couldn't get the computer to 'do' anything--probably because the new card wasn't compatible? My question is this: since we were able to see something on the monitor with the new card, does this mean that the original video card is bad??? or could it still possibly be a power supply issue. we haven't replaced that yet. a friend suggested that this means that the power supply is an issue and that the new card just needed less power to run it. oh, we tried another monitor and still had the same problem, so not thinking it's a problem with the monitor. The monitor is a dell. The computer is a gaming computer that we bought from someone, and I'm not sure off-hand what the specs are on it. Thanks for any advice!

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I'll just briefly describe what has worked for me; for me this issue was caused by faulty RAM. The problem is finding which slot out of 4 contains the faulty RAM. In my case only one 1G slot was removed. That was a month ago and I never got the "power saving mode" glitch since. So in my case it was definitely the RAM. Have Vista check for RAM problems--I don't remember how to do it but there is a way.
Thanks KOSMOS!!! I solved the issue by removing some of my RAM and simply power on the machine again..
Nice and easy;-) Ciao
dude that was thee best info I could get thanks a shit load
that was great info
I was having similar issues and after swapping out everything including CMOS battery I was left with only one thing. The motherboard, I flashed it with the latest bios and it's been fine ever since. Hope it helps some peeps out there.

Usually, just moving the mouse or hitting "Enter" (or any?) key and the computer comes out of the power saving mode...

But if it is how to modify or turn off the power saving options that you want, you might want to do these easy steps:

Right-click on your desktop and select the "Screen Saver" tab and click the "Power..." button at the bottom.

In there, you will find the options for turning off the monitor, hard disk, going to stand by or using hibernation. There are 4 tabs and everything is pretty much self-explanatory.

Click "apply" and "OK" (2 times) and you're done!
george philip
Aug 23, 2010 at 03:23 PM
i had the same problems all u need to do is go to start then Control Panel
Performance and maintenance then power options and pick never in turn off monitor
Turn Off Monitor: Never