Second hand ipod touch problem

Cbyrne - Sep 5, 2010 at 06:07 AM
 indraneel - Apr 11, 2011 at 03:47 AM
I bought a second hand ipod touch recently from ebay. when i plug it in to my itunes it will only let it sync with my computer which means i will loose all of the apps(ther are only apps on this ipod). I cant athorise the computer because I dont know the person who previously owned the ipod so dont have his log in details. Is there any way that i can keep my apps while syncing my own music ect?

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well when you "sync" something, it basically means delete any existing content and replace it with the content that you want to sync it with. so click on your ipod icon. click on summary scroll down, and under options you should be able to select the option to manually manage your music and videos, so your ipod will not ever sync therefore not erasing any thing that is already existing.
instead of clicking sync, just click autofill and all your songs will be put onto your ipod without anything being erased.
hope that this helped :)
Thanx u Jaz i got all my music and pics on!!
Thank u very...... much.I got the songs without losing the previous stuff
Technically (and legally), you don't own those apps. You bought the ipod and the apps that come with the operating system, not the apps that were added to it by the previous owner. They purchased those separately from the ipod and maintain ownership. If they have or will purchase another ipod touch or iphone, they have the right to sync those apps from their computer(s) onto the new device. Wouldn't make sense for Apple to give you that same right -- it'd be giving two people the products that only one of them bought.
I completly understand that Rob, but think of it, if you where to buy a car ud expect to able to use the gear stick. I know its a litttle different but i bought the ipod, and the ipod was sold to me including the games, i could of purchased an ipod with nothing on it.