MAC can't READ ntfs formatted external drive

 Tom -

I worked for hours on researching reading and writing from an NTFS drive to a mac FROM MY NEW HARDDRIVE

Now when I plug it in to the mac, I can;t even read it.... There's just a bunch of DLL , EXE, and IST files.

I;d appreciate any help. Thanks

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OSX can read NTFS but not write.
with tiger and leopard (i've not try with older system)

you can install


available at

then you can read and write NTFS

Thank you

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you can download NTFS for MAC driver (last version is 7.0) and your MAC will be able read/write NTFS files.
Mac does not supports NTFS file system . it supports HFS file system. so it will support it . try to search for a software which can be use as a converter .
Salam alaikom
here you can find the solution
Install ntfs-3g on your mac., This will allow you to read / write to the hard drice