Recovery disk for a specific HP pavilion

Mo91 - Dec 23, 2008 at 02:36 PM
 bklynse - Nov 17, 2019 at 01:25 PM

I have a question... Does anyone know where I could find a recovery disc for a HP pavilion tx2517au.. couldn't find my model when I tried the following website:

Please I really do need one!
Thanx in advance

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How to create a 2nd set of HP recovery DVD's

This works for ONLY those legit HP owners who own an HP laptop and burned one set of recovery DVD's. After the first set has been ccreated you are not allowed by the HP utility to create another set.

So if you were like me and left your handing carrying case with your recovery discs on the airplane according to HP you one choice. Order their recovery disc set from their website. THis is bought the rights to a legitmate set of installation discs. So if you have NOT deleted therecovery partion here is how you are able to create one more set of the discs without spending any money.

This information si strictly for legitimate HP owners who have purchased a laptop with an OEM version of VISTA/XP and have lost or ruined their original recovery discs.

Set the folder options to allow viewing of hidden files and folders and show known file extensions.

Search for the following file: hpcd.sys

There will be 2 copies,1 in C:\WINDOWS\SMINST and 1 in E:\

Delete both copies of the hpcd.sys files.

Run the HP recovery disk creation utility.

- Mike

By the way credit goes to the website at for providing useful details on how to do this!
Uhm, hey. This was a great help thanks! though I just need to confirm if i'll lost my data from my other drives? do I need to make a back up or will it remain intact?
My problem is that I formatted the Recovery partition accidentally. What can I do?
This worked wonderfully!!! Thank you so very much!