Reinstalling Windows XP Acer Aspire One

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Last weekend, I bought an Acer Aspire One D-150. I decided to put Windows 7 on it. I can not find a copy of Acer's eRecovery Management anywhere on the internet. I have tried making an image of the hidden partition with Macrium Reflect but it's not bootable. I still have the hidden partition on my HDD, I just can't boot to it. if I hold ALT+F10, I get a "Change Boot Options" screen.

I want to return this on the weekend because it was sold to me under false pretenses (I wanted an MSI model because it's better for me in a lot of ways, but they lied about the warranty on the MSI to get me to spend $50 more on the Acer). I need XP on it. Help? I need to install XP.

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did you manage to reinstall using recovery??

I did it for Aspire One 150X, by
start->bios prompt->Alt-F10-> recovery starts->the rest is up to you

Good luck
Thank you

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Great!! Works like magic indeed!! Thanks alot Bp!!

Dear Sir,

Please note that if you re-install XP you will lose all your data,

You will need the Windows XP installation disc!

Please do not forget to change the SATA mode on your bios!

Then you will need to boot the windows xp disc and follow the instructions!!

Install Windows on the C: partition

> Emanuel
Fantastic! You saved me! Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!
> Emanuel
thanks you saved my mate jumping out the window

Thank you so much, I have been stressing over this for the past two weeks.
THANK YOU!!!!!!! the SATA mode got me...!!! it finally found the harddrive....!
thanks for SATA MODE
Of course, for "ALT+F10" to work, you must have "D2D Recovery" in BIOS ENABLED, and "SATA Mode" on AHCI (all in Main Menu).
Hi. I'm haveing trouble with this!!!
No matter when I press and hold ALT+F10, the damn thing goes to where you can choose safe-mode (and all that). whatever you choose from there it will begin to start up windows, then you get the Bluescreen and the whole thing restarts...


I'm know the asus has xp on the same recovery partition. You need to disable the fast boot function in bios first, then boot holding f9 to restart the xp install.

I have an older Acer Aspire One (Canadian retail model ZG5) that bluescreens on boot due to a virus. Even from Safe Mode, I was unable to recover, clean, etc. I followed the steps in this forum with no luck. But here's what did work:

F2 to get to the bios
From Main> disable Quick Boot
Save and exit

F12 for boot options on power up.
Select Network Boot (contrary to what common sense would dictate)

System is now happily recovering.

Am thinking just going with Win 7 upgrade now instead of update and service pak download hell. Yeesh.

Dude it was like magic
Wonderful!! works like magic indeed!
Restoring using alt + f10 worked great.
when there is no sound in my computer it plays song very good.when I install the sound driver and play songs then it play worstly
I would suggest DON'T buy acer

do you have to register with microsoft when you do this does it matter if you don't
thanks problem solved
when there is no sound in my computer it plays song very good.when I install the sound driver and play songs then it play worstly
If they lied to you lie to them download a cracked version of xp from a torrent and give it back
In the "hit <f2> for settings" setup you can change a setting for the boot menu and it will be like "hit <f12> for boot menu and you have to enable it and restart your computer

Please visit

They have a support page for reinstalling your OS.

They also have OS disks for sale if you need a back up.

Good luck!


Wow I called acer and they india rude woman who I could barely understand gave me such a hard time about product registration and all this mess and I borrowed an external cd burner bios detected it and never would boot off windows xp sp3 disc and finally I gave up and searched online and alt f10 I was laughing so much on how easy that was thanks guys great freaking forum

and it even gave me an option to restore and back up my data now that is what im talking about

Could I still have a rootkit after this method is it possible
No... to the registration question

No.. to the root kit question
1. Coppy the window to your pen drive
2. boot from pen drive
3. install windows t your aspire one's 'c' Drive

ITS simple OK Try IT
Very Very Simple
thanks it really works
Johancan I ask something??
how to copy window to my pen drive??can u teach me?because the windows from CD.then??what should I do?