My laptop says I have no audio device [Solved/Closed]

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I followed other peoples advice on different forums but none of them fixed/matched my problem,
the little speaker icon in the bottom corner says I have no audio device installed.
So I went onto device manager and it says I do, this confused me, I tried disabling and enabling it, did not work.
Now I'm stuck for what to do please help me.

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I am having the same problem. I have a windows vista laptop, and it says that I have no audio device installed, but when I go to my device mangager it says that I do and that it is working properly. I know how to uninstall the device, but when you say download the same sound card, how do you do that?
soz I didn't reply to you I didn't get the email but what I did was unistall my audio device then search it in google to re-install it, soz I can't remember any specifics
hey did u fix the problem? if so what did you do? bcz iv gt the same problem
disable and enable, it will work
hey...i had just recently reinstalled my OS(operating system)...but I didn't know that when you reinstall your OS that you would have to reinstall your sound card.the problem is that I have no idea how to reinstall your OS...what programs should I computer says that I have no divice installed....i say this dude fix the prob with some software....but I had to reinstall my OS again and then my sound was gone again...he doesnt want to tell me how he did I need help with this problem..i really need my sound...what program should I use to reinstall my sound card!!!?:(
i try to play music on wmp but I get an error message saying my speakers are not configured properly
i used to have sound before I rebooted it but now there is no sound at all for when I play games and it is real annoying I have a windows me very old but still good
please help what should I do!?
hi, am running vista pro on a sony vaio laptop.

i downloaded firefox 3 a couple of weeks ago, and since then there's been no sound. external programs like vlc mediaplayer and itunes produce sound, but nothing on any web browser (safari, ie, or firefox make sound for anything such as youtube. thought it was a flash problem, so updated drivers for flash, no luck). have just bought a language program to teach myself spanish and it won't load because it says there is no output audio device.

this despite checking in the device manager and my output device working ok, nothing being muted on the volume mixer etc.

yours irritatedly...
hi there this is gonna sound very silly but my comp had that little red x in the right hand corner bla bla wasnt playing music my itunes was syaing no playback and no websites or anythign made sounds but I plugged my speakers into the green jack on the back of my comp and the sound was back some one must have unplugged them and put them back in the wrong whole worth a check!!
Alrite.. as a guy who resets his Dell laptop 3 times a year this is not a problem to worry about.

Simply visit and when u scroll down on the home page simply click on download drivers. Once there they have a very easy system to help u understand what drivers u need to ur specific model.

Usually for a sound problem it is simply a matter of downloading the Sigmatel driver for free from and in less than 5 minutes u will have sound.

Try it out. The best place for all answers is the manufacturers site. Professionals assisting u with their brand.

visit my site too
Just a word of caution to anyone like me who decided to make some room on my modest sized HD by removing unused programs like itunes. Apparently when deleting it or the itunes assistant for mobile devices it also removed the driver for my sound card. Re-booting didn't do the trick either. I was fortunate to recover it by utilizing my recovery back-up program. It still took a lot of time to reorganize everything again so from now on I'll just disable itunes and leave it be!
my dell xp home addition dosent have sound from the factory that is like buying a tv with no sound
if u have an Hp do what "HP guy" says. It worked for ME!!! THANKS A BILLION!!! --search device manager-sound audio and games, click update drivers--
if u have an Hp do what "HP guy" says. It worked for ME!!! THANKS A BILLION!!! --search device manager-sound audio and games, click update drivers--

My lenovo 3000 C200 xp professional had a virus but we fixed it with an XP home edition CD. But the sound don't work, I know the speakers are built in and the computer says it is working fine but When I go to change volume or speaker setup it says I havn't got any speakers connected. What can I do?
helllo there, I also have a problem with the sound on my laptop.
I have looked at the previous comments and there are a few that have matched my problem, but there haven't been any solutions to those particular ones.
I will try to be as specific as I can; I was deleting various things on add/remove programes I accidentaly deleted the audio device. As a result I cannot hear anything, and have no idea how to reinstall it.
When I go to sound and audio properties then to the hardware tab I have got the following;
Audio codecs, legacy audio drivers, media control devices, legacy video capture devices and video codecs.
Device properties manufactuer (standard system devices). Location unknown. Device status, this device is working properly. But the fact is that this device is not working preoperly.
My laptop is a fujitsu simens, intel celeron M processor and windows XP.
Please if you have any idea how to help, I would greatly appreciate it. :) PLEASE ! ! ! ! ! !
OMG I just did the same thing :O I tried uninstalling my webcam and uninstalled it, have you got yours bak?? If you have can you please tell me how you did it bcuz my dad will kill me if he found out what I have done!! Thankx Steph xox
Hi how did you solve your problem? Cause I did exactly the same thing, if so, how did you do it, thanks!
thanks very much, it worked all I did was open my device manager and updated it then everything stated working properly.

thanks again
You can't update the audio device if it isn't being detected, and everyone who keeps saying to reformat your pc, that doesn't work either nor will installing a new os because the hardware in your pc or laptop remains the same..... in some cases the only thing to do is replace the outdated hardware.
i had the same problems with no audio device installed coming up on my laptop. here is what I did to fix the problem. I went to device manager and \from there to sounds,game controllers and clicked update drivers and it worked after that.. good luck
hey I unplugged my speakers from my cpu and then plugged it back in just to neat up some wires, after doing that I am seeing my speaker icon on the task bar with a red "x" on it an its saying no audio output found.....i am using realtek high definition audio, I update the drivers through device manager and restarted a couple times and that did not work, please help!
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Woodbine said, "But when you get the red cross you dont have sound video and game controllers listed in device manager the lot dissapears,sound some times comes back on after a restart but goes again after a random time. 1 or 2 hours and also goes from device manager."

I agree with woodbine, I am having exactly the same problem, what do I do.

My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6500 notebook PC
It uses SmartAudio Conexant System

Please I am dying for an answer. It's quite a long time since heard music from my system
I have an HP Pavilion 6700 with Vista 32 bit and I'm having the same problem, were you able to resolve your issue? I need help too, I'm supposed to be studying but my laptop is malfunctioning I really need sound.
I have an HP Pavilion 6700 with Vista OS, were you able to resolve your issue? Please help me.
I have windows XP and I had to system restore my OS. Prior to doing that I really messed things up by being delete happy and thinking I knew what I was doing. ok so I had the problem where I had no sound and it said that I didnt have any detections of sound devices on my pc. This is what I did... first I checked the device manager to see what was not get there by going to start and then right clicking on your MYCOMPUTER you will see PROPERTIES right click on it...find HARDWARE click on it you will see DEVICE MANAGER click on it ...once I did that I saw a bunch of drivers with yellow ? or a ! sign by it located under unknown heres what I did on one at at time and you will see a REINSTALL DRIVER click on it .. it wont reinstall unless u have the recovery cd or the written info already in a desinated location. so I had the recovery backup cd s that I made when I first bought my computer...most people should have those. you can also search the web for these drivers on the web but anyway I put the first recovery cd in and clicked on the reinstall from the device manager page and it automatically found the driver on the cd and installed..i had to use some of the other recovery cd s to recover some other lost drivers I had.. but this should work if you had the same problem as I did. Note: backup cd s my vary if it doesnt find the driver on the first cd try the 2nd cd and retry the process till it find the drivers to download.Hope that all made sense and that it works for u guys!
Google KB835221. Actually, if you downloaded the driver package from dell look in \R12**\HDAQFE\win2k_xp\us and you will see teh file there. Just run the kb file and magical things will happen.

"This is a Microsoft Corporation QFE (KB835221) update to support the UAA bus driver for HD audio. The UAA bus driver is not included on the current Windows XP installation CD. If you reinstall Windows XP, this driver update will be needed, in addition to HD audio driver from the core driver package."
I have an IBM Laptop with Windows XP and in the Sounds and Audio Devices, it says "NO AUDIO DEVICE". And that "Driver is either missing or corrupted (Error 39)". I can't locate the gray volume icon on my taskbar. And I've searched as best as I could for a possible answer. This happened after a virus attacked my computer and I used Malwarebytes AntiMalware Program to delete the virus. Could someone please help me?
what is the best solution if the audio of the laptop doesnt work and I already install the driver...?
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