My laptop says I have no audio device [Solved/Closed]

 Anon -
I followed other peoples advice on different forums but none of them fixed/matched my problem,
the little speaker icon in the bottom corner says I have no audio device installed.
So I went onto device manager and it says I do, this confused me, I tried disabling and enabling it, did not work.
Now I'm stuck for what to do please help me.

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I had the problem of my computer saying I have no audio device installed. I am on vista and have realtek audio. I found going onto device manager in control panel and disabling then enabling the driver worked. This may only be temporary, or might not work for everyone, but it worked for me
Disable and Enable the sound system and it shud work if not then restart and try again
i do not hear anything when playing card games eg some of the cards say things
for instance the dog barks and many other things which are not happening can u help me please
Install MSUAA (Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture) before installing compatible sound driver.
You might use incompatible sound driver version, install MSUAA (Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture) before you install sound driver
I re installed operating system on my Toshiba laptop. then installing my aoudio drivers, they did not work at all, I Un installed and re installed again and again but there was no respond, I upgraded my sp but it all did not work. What should I do? please help if you can give me FREE BEST AUDIO DRIVERS FOR MY LAPTOP THE BETER.

I found that the speaker decides to work sometimes. It works all the time if I plug in the USB cooling fan. Conextant HD. The past few start ups, the speaker is on.
Oh, I have windows] vista, 32 bit dv2700
I really need help with my sound. I haven't had sound in about year now. I recently got my computer fixed like about a week ago since it crashed. I really would like to get my sound back.
Can anyone please help me
I have an XP computer
When I go to control panel and click, sounds, speech and audio devices, I click sounds and audio devices and it says that there is no audio device
do I need a sound card?
please help me!
i had the same problem with my viao, so I uninstalled the realtek program, restarted the comp, and when it started, the comp automatically searched and dled the driver, and now it works.
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