My ipod wont sync

Tasja - Nov 28, 2010 at 07:39 AM
 Tina - Feb 10, 2011 at 09:45 PM
It worked fine yesterday but I have an issue with my screen going blank and somebody suggested resoring it on itunes... which I did now it connects to the ipod and says it is syncing but then says complete safe to disconect without actually adding my music???

Please help I can't live without it ;o(

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Mine is doing the same thing, did you get any suggestion?
well heres the thing. I have an ipod touch g4 and i had the same problem. well kinda. mine was just that it didn't sync anything. now to fix this follow these steps. Open start. Type in 'Services'. Click the one under 'Programs' once there you must find the one listed 'Apple Mobile Device Service'. Once found click 'stop the service'. Then start it again. reconnect your ipod and then it should sync. happy ipodding :D
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I recently updated to the latest version of iTunes for my iPod Classic--- and lost my DVD/CD player, my iPod wasn't recognized, my library went somewhere, and a host of other problems. Took it to Mr. Computer guy...who eventually was able to get everything back to normal. "Your iPod should sync just fine" Nope. But I just did what you said and now it's back to normal...Yay!!!!
hold center button and menu till apple logo pops up. you may have to do this repeatedly
maybe need to charge ipod
connect ipod to different usb
restart computer then connect ipod to computer again
download/install/reinstall newest itunes (