Problems with an external hard drive WD 320GB [Closed]

 brock lesnar -
I have had my WD 320gb for 2 years. It had been working perfectly fine until yesterday. My computer does not recognize it anymore. I have tried many solutions but it still would not work. When I plug the hard drive in, it does not show up in "My Computer". I go to "Disk Management", but it doesn't show up there either. The only thing that shows up when I plug it in is the "Safely Remove Hardware" thing. Please help me because I got a lot of important files in my hard drive.

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How about try this?

Unplug your drive and shut down your computer;
Restart the computer;
Then wait a few seconds;
Then plug the WD via USB cable into the computer

This clears the hard disk buffer. See if the externa drive will show up in disk management.

Thanks for your help, but it still would not show up in "Disk Management". The only thing that shows up when I plug the hard drive in is the "Safely Remove Hardware". Also when I plug the hard drive in, my computer would be really slow and freeze.
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your hard drive recognized under BIOS? if still not recognized, ok, maybe physical problems
How do you get to BIOS?
i had the same problem with my wd 320gb harddisk.Some one please help