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sir, actually i just need to know about dj music softwares. Which software do i need to use for remixing songs. I know virtual dj,fl,ejay's please tell me any other very popular

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if ur going to remix a song, u are a PRODUCER. not a dj(well... not necessarily). ur going to need a DAW(digital audio workstation). u can use fl studio(what i use), cubase, abelton live, reason, logic pro, garage band, and thousands of other softwares. but try sticking with the ones i mentioned. practice, practice practice. invest in studio monitors and headphones and learn to mix and master ur music efficiently. its not gonna happen over night ur going to need to practice. i wud suggest joining a community of other artists on websites(,,, even youtube), in attempt to better each others music and make friends. to dj is something completely seperate. a dj performs. they play tracks and "mix" them together. they dont "CREATE" music like say bass hunter or deadmau5 does. Most djs are producers as well. they use programs like virtual dj, decadance(, and traktor pro. it depends on the genre of music and personal preference on how you MIX ur music. after producing for a while, THEN start djing. dont get ahead of yourself. u have a long and enjoyable road ahead of you. have fun :)
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