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I have windows xp I ran IP Config address is subnet mask
Should sub net I have removed the network connection and reinstalled them removed drive for the card nothing seems to work. I have put the address in and still not able to connect to internet. I have had this issue befor but cant remember how to fix the problem tha ws about 10 years ago. I had checked for host and lmhost checked all user profiles on the laptop for this possably being pulled from another user nothing out there. If any one has any Ideas I am lost at this point.

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yes I have tried that also and no luck I use to be Network administrator for a company but have been out of this for 10 years I have had this issue with another user PC befor but dont remember how I resolved it.
the problem could be with the ethernet card itself. If you are using the on board ethernet card on your desktop computer it is possible to disable it in the bios, then install one in any available PCI slot. I had the same issue, and that was a work around solution that worked for me.
ask your isp
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Hi,you can use this http://www.whoisxy.com/ site for known your exact IP address and other details, it is totally free site ,i am using this site only for my ip and related help.
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try to clear the cache and all browsing history together with cookies.

to do this,

open IE,

go to tools,

select "Delete browsing history"

and click on Delete all.