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I want to know its possible to connect to internet via my iphone connected to my pc!

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this is the only response which answers the question perfectly! Tethering is what I was looking for too. Thanks so much for the post.
How do I connect to the internet using my iphone.

please help
you can do it even without Jail breaking the iphone.
if your telephone operator provides you internet just go to your
settings --> General --> Bluetooth . turn the Bluetooth on and then
go back to
settings --> General--> Internet Tethering and turn it on
you have two options in order to connect to your laptot or pc
1) through the USB cable
2) through th Bluetooth

just make sure that both your Laptop (or any other device that has Bluetooth is paired to your iphone)
if you want to know how to pair your iphone to the device check the
iphone User Guide --> Bluetooth --> Bluetooth Devices --> Pairing a Device with iphone

This works at least for iphone 3GS which already has an internet connection.
I have got Sky Mobile TV on my iPhone but you can only use it when you have access to WiFi. I want to be able to watch it while at work but everything is cabled, no wireless. Is there a way to connect the iPhone to the PC so that you can use the computers network as the internet connection on the iPhone?
I want Internet connect from I phone to my labtop , how any detail please thank
Just plug on your iPhone with pc and after that go to safari to both devices and configure your iPhone name on the wireless of ur pc
it's simple mate
Pretty smart
What about this method...
This feature is disabled on AT&T, unless your phone is jailbroken.
well....there is another way to share iphone internet connection with laptop and wifi enabled PCs. it doesn't require any tethering and also no need to jailbreak the iPhone. its very simple.
- make it ON

iphone 4 allows to connect laptop and computers to share internet connection with iphone in three ways.
- Bluetooth
- Cable

if a laptop supports WIFI than as soon as PERSONAL HOTSPOT in IPhone is enabled it will apear in wireless connection area of the laptop.

- Click on notification area of the laptop (that shows internet connection)
- Click on the Iphone's Name ( a connection will appear on the name of iphone)
- Click on connect

Now it will ask for security key.

go to the SETTING of Iphone. just below the personal HOTSPOT button, Wi-Fi passord will appear. the password can be changed. note the password and type it on computer as it appear.
- Click on CONNECT

enjoy the internet in your laptop.
Please be aware if you are pay as you go user it may incur massive cost, internet surfing in laptop and desktop can eat a lot of data. so make sure of the charges. If your phone career allows you to use any amount of data.. than enjoy the freedom....
Yes, it is possible..and very easy...Only you need is Cydia (jailbreak your iphone) then download and install PdaNet...Then go to download soft for your pc, install it...
I use the USB connection... USB is so better and easy to connect like Wifi..You dont no make a Open SSH Ad hoc and so complicated steps...Only USB...

I just plug in my iphone to PC ( I have windows xp) then start the PdaNet in iphone, choose connect via USB, then star in PC in windows sidebar panel the PdaNet Connection then click to Connect ad everthing is go..

So easy and nice...I am happy :)

Thank you for sharing such simplistic instructions for PDANET for PC and for the JB iPhone... Piece of cake to install and hooked right up via USB ( after changing settings on iPhone) using Windows 7 64 bit....

Thanks again!!!
> Danazman
Does it work with the first gen iphone?
how do I set up wireless on my iphone from china through my mac??
How do I jailbreak my phone?
for film ware 4.2 and below you need greenp0sin you can get it from
i dont have username and password for iphone mobile and I want to install free software on mobile how can I do?

Perhaps this site help you :
yes it is posible its amzing and quite easy. I have an iphone 3g 8gb and I literlly have internet wherever my phone goes. All u need to do is jailbreak ur iphone if on a mac its easier but like me I did on a windows vista. give me one sec while I give u the intructions folow those simple steps . Once youve done that get on the app called Cydia. Download and install PdaNet on ur iphone. Create an Ad hoc network which is extremely easy. go network . Create a new network selcect adhoc no exceprtion which means no security .. give it a name and then simply go on ur iphone conect to it and run pda net and Wala. Fast free Staelite internet. o and btw ive gotten speeds up to 2.5mbs down. Not slow at all. 3g is incredible

i phone is shit go for tchd2
how do u do it if u have imac?
hi i'm sorry but I don't know how to creat the ad hoc network
it says " windows don't configurate the network" why?????
please help me it 's for my iphone
Is Bluetooth necessary if I want to use internet through my iphone?
its easier than that all you need to do is install pdanet from cydia and download the desktop client for and turn on USB tether on your iphone or ipod and go o the desktop cleint and press connect!
it says the password is "alpine" and you'll want to change it.
I wasn't meaning the password to FTP. but password to my network connection. I havent set a network key, but its still asking for 1. I tried starting over again, but still requires a password. I tried ticking to provide the key automatically, but still asking for a network key.

If no-one else experances this then I will further investigate.


It's available in version 3.0 (well planned and the betas are proving so) but if you jailbreak your iphone you can use PDAnet to broadcast internet over wifi
I install pdaNet is working like horse thanks for your help.
Happy weekend
dear sir ,
i want put network from my home to my iphone
you plug your iphone into your computer and install your wireless internet on it.
you need a cd or a file of the wireless internet
i have pda net on I phone 2g jailbroken but pda net asks you to register the program after 30 days freaking $29 im in south africa and that price is crazy just for a app now I cant access https sites only http :( buts at least I have normal sites :) posting this from pda connection
I need help jailbreaking my iPhone. The instructions that are linked here say only to use with 02.28 baseband or lower? My iPhone is running 3.1.2. Does anyone know of any updated instructions so I can use them with my iphone?
haloo may I want to kow how can I put network from my home to my iphone thanks for help me