My laptop battery icon is showing red cross

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my laptop battery icon is showing a red cross when charging and also showing there that consider replacing your battery
my laptop is acer aspire model
should I really replace my laptop battery
mine is a 11 month old laptop
please help me with it
thank you..

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Try this 1

1) Remove the battery --> Plug the power cord and turn ON your laptop --> Then

shutdown your laptop and place the battery back into the laptop.

2) Try updating your BIOS.

If the problem still exits then click on the below link. You can find all the


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simply update with SP1 pack win7, and there will be option avilable to untick the issues.. thanks...........belive in LAPNOSYS
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hey man where is the option of to untick the issues ? I have same problem in my lap top acer aispire 5742 may consider replace your battery

so your computer might shut down suddenly
same as my just happened recently but I dont know how to solve it...
i have lg r400 laptop. I have even changed the battery but still it comes with the statement (plugged in and charging but there is red cross on it) I really don't know what to do. please help me out. its core 2 duo machine and I have running in it. should I change the os like linux or mac or something else than this please help me out
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Dell inspiron N5110, tried removing battery and plugging........... but still problem persists.. Please guide me to solve
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Consider Replacing your battery.
Many of who are using laptops/notebooks or netbooks running on Windows 7 may experience this problem. Why is that? What does it mean? Is it fault of Windows 7 ?

So, why this is happening? Every new battery obviously have a 100% of original capacity. However with time as we use the battery for sometime the original capacity is starting to decrease, and even if you charge it to full, it won't be able to hold that long as it used to when it was new.
When the battery is only able to hold no more than 40% then Windows 7 will notify you of that problem by flashing red "X" on your battery icon in the conner of you screen.

This function was not available in previous versions of windows. It's new, and very useful as it prevent you from being surprised every time when you computer shut down when you unplug the power supply. This can also help you to save money on the computer repairs. Why? Many people who were using the previous versions of windows that doesn't have that function used to go to the computer service and report that their laptop shuts down every time they disconnect it from the power supply. The service will obviously solve the problem by replacing the battery, but the batteries they have are usually more expensive and they can charge some fee for replenishment which will take 1 min. So, thanks to that function of windows 7 you can save money on unnecessary expenses by buying the battery cheaper and fitting it yourself. Where can I get them from? offers wide range of original laptop batteries and adapters.

Even the rechargeable batteries need replacement some day!
Replace your one today!