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I had hidden a folder named "d" in the hard drive "E" using command prompt like E:>attrib +h +s d .. And it opens by the command E:>attrib -h -s d .. But my laptop showed some problems and so I had to reinstall Windows..
I installed Windows 7 ultimate.. And then when I tried to access that hidden folder, it is showing ACCESS DENIED.. Please help me out I am in a big problem.

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You don't have permission to access this folder as you've done a reinstall.

you will have to go to Tools > Folder Options > and Tick show hidden files/folders.

from there, open the drive and right click the folder > properties > security and take ownership.

Thank you

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thank you so much...
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Did it work?
100%.. thanks a ton..
haii,,how to take whole ownership for the whole partition?
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Try following this: the instructions may differ slightly.