Some keys on laptop not work properly

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Monday January 28, 2013
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January 28, 2013
 jtupp9 -

i have a problem with my laptop some keys doesn't work, the key "C", "Q", "Y" but if I press it sequence it works again and sometimes it doesn't work again, I want to know if it is a hardware problem or a software problem???


My laptop model is: LG R410.

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press the key associated with the problem for a couple of seconds...
Thank you

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thanku it worked for me :)
Thank you.. its worked... thanks a lot...
thank you roy
Thank you. I have an Acer E1 572 6829 .It solved the problem but it seems to return off & on while I'm writing this. I have to go back & do what you said. Problem Keys re A X N F & the period I hope this helps you help others
It works, ut they stop working agai after some time

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