Files missing even after removing the shortcut virus

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I am using window 7, Dell Core i7.

Previously my external hardisk was infected by virus and it turned to shortcut.

I have tried all the method suggested, by unhiding the files, install and run software to disable autorun, as well as antimalware and even using cmd.exe.

Although most of the files recovered, but still got few important files remained missing.

Please help me in solving this problem!

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  • Go to Command Prompt.
  • Change the directory to your external drive (say J:\)
  • Type J: (at the prompt)
  • Then, you'll see that the drive of operation has changed
  • Now, type
    attrib -s -h /s /d *.*
  • Open the drive in a new Window Explorer
  • Check for autorun.inf and remove it. (You could scan the drive to remove it)
  • Your folders now appear in one folder.
  • Open that folder to recover your data.

bro,thanking u so much!!!!
Boss thanks soo much it worked for me
thank u so much..i found my missing files..=)
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I had the shortcut virus on a stick, I cleaned it with Mcafee but the files were no longer visible, although the "properties" showed that the stick was 80% full (which was correct). I did what you said and it worked. However, for dummies (like myself!), it were (maybe) better if you said to type


Again, a big THANK YOU!
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Apr 14, 2013 at 11:13 AM

Try this 1

1) Click on Start --> In search bar, type control folders and press Enter.

"Folder Options" will be opened. Now click on the "View" tab.

2) Select the option "Show hidden files, folders and drives" and uncheck the

check box "Hide protected operating system files" --> Click on OK.

Now look for your files. Later undo the changes that your have made by following

the Step 1 and clicking on the "Restore Defaults" button.

3) If still the files are missing then try the recovery software "Recuva" without

making any changes to that drive and check if you able to find all those file in the

recovery. Click on the below hyperlink "Recuva" and download the file


Good Luck
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