One partition of my hard drive disappeared [Solved/Closed]

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2 days before I installed windows 8 in place of windows 7. after that when I started my lapi again I found one partition of my hard drive not found. It is not finding by any ways and it is nt hidden. at that drive I saved my all photos and imp data.. how I can get my data back..? please help!!
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Thank you
  • Check that partition exists in the "Disk Management".
  • Hold "Windows" key and press the "R" key. Run dialog box will appear.
  • Now type
    and press Enter.
  • "Disk Management" will then be opened.
  • If you notice a partition without a drive letter then right-click on it. Select "Change Drive Letter and Paths...". Click on "Add" button --> Add. Select the drive letter. Click on OK.

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Thanks a lot
thanks alot almost thought i lost a drive
Thanks. It's work for me.
Thank You very Much! It works
Thank you
Go to cmd with admin rights.


list disk

select disk 0

list volume

select volume 1

assign drive letter f

follow these steps