2nd Sata hard drive not shown on my computer

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I have had a WD 160GB SATA hard drive as my primary HD and I recently bought a Seagate 80GB SATA hard drive to use as a secondary storage space. I connected all the power, SATA cables correctly and when I boot my comp, it shows on the display that my WD 160GB is the primary and Seagate 80GB is the slave. However, when I go on to my comptuer, I don't see the new hard drive. When I check the device manager, it still indicates that it recognizes both of my hard drives. Why is it not showing up on my computer to be used?

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You need to format the drive before you can use it for data.
  • Do this : Windows+R, then
  • A new window titled Computer Management comes up.
  • Select Storage from the left hand side by clicking it once, then select Disk Management(local) from the right side by double-clicking it. Find your new drive and format it with one large partition.

First partition - do a primary partition if you want only one partition on the hard drive. Then you format the partition - again right click and select format use NTFS - use default allocation size and give the new volume a label (no spaces allowed in the name).
thanks you!
Thanks this helped me alot too
Excellent precise Advice, Helped me a lot Thanks!
davidnleeh4 > naturalspeed
Dec 28, 2008 at 01:56 AM
Thank you naturalspeed for your information! I too, have the same issue with my Compaq Presario - Vista Home Premium Edition & just installed a SATA 1TB Seagate. I had already started the proceedure(s) that you suggested. Long story-short, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post your suggestion.
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Jan 4, 2009 at 09:25 PM
due you rock, that was perfect advice and well said, thanks!
I have noticed a few people saying that they dont want to Format the slave drive so what to do?
But have not seen a reply.
I am in the same boat & can see the slave in disk manager as local disk but only option is to format it in actions etc
I dont want to do that as only need to get the data from it.
Can anybody provide a solution, pleeze
Someone did say set to cable select, I tried that also & it did not work
dear friend

type diskmgmt.msc in your run command...ull find 80gb as unallocated ...just you need to do is make the partation of the harddiskand u can use it as a secondary
your a legend cheers my hard disk works now..
This the full instruction with picture guide from SEAGATE hope this might help.


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I searched everywhere and everything I saw regarding installing a second sata hd on xp, dealt with installing raid. Finally became smart and reworded my google search "installing second sata hard drive without raid" and this was the first link that google came up with. Worked perfectly. Thank you very much.
I had the same problem and solved it this way.

Try going into the control panel: Administrative Tools: Computer Management:Storage: Disk Management:

From here you can partition and format your new drive any way you want from here.
Failure to recognize 2 drives at the same timeI apologize for the inconvenience. This is a signature conflict problem. For Windows XP (all data on the problem disk will be lost!):

1) Open Computer Management -> Disk Management

2) If the offending disk doesn't show up in Disk Management, select

"Actions", "Re-scan" and wait a minute or two or three

3) Note the disk number of the disk that won't mount, e.g., #5

4) Start a command line session

5) Type "diskpart" (Microsoft's disk partition program)

6) Type "select disk 5" (makes disk 5 the focus)

7) Type "clean" (removes existing disk partition)

8) Type "create partition" (creates a default partition)

9) Type "assign letter=h" (assigns a drive letter to the "new" disk)

10) Note in Disk Management that disk 5 is now listed as "Un-initialized" and


11) Reboot the machine

12) The Disk Initialization Wizard will start

13) Take the defaults to finish the wizard

14) Disk should now be ready to use along with the other disk of the same


15) It may be necessary to adjust the security settings for this disk, e.g.

if you want "Everyone" to have "Full" access to files. folders, and


For Windows 7:

1) Open Computer Management -> Disk Management

2) Note that the disk that won't mount, disk 5 for example, is listed as


3) Right click on the blue "Offline" text and select "Online"

4) Should now be ready to use