Folders not showing in Seagate external hard drive

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 hari -
When I go to the properties tab it does show that I have several GB's of memory utilized, but no folders display, but if I type the path or address of folder ,it opens..i have many folders and I don't remember all names of folders.... I have seen similar problems in CCM and I tried using cmd ..
attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*
but it shows access denied ....still I dont see the folders...can you please give me a working way to solve this

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Try this 1

They are some folders like "System Volume Information",$recycle.bin where

the user don't have access to it. For such folders "Access Denied" message will

appear. So don't worry about it. Enter that command, wait for a while until the

process get completed and then make sure that your files are removed from

hidden mode

Alternative Method :

Click on Start --> In search box, type control folders and press Enter.

[If you are using Windows XP then type control folders in Run and press Enter]

"Folder Options" will be opened. Click on the "View" tab.

Now select the option "Show hidden files, folders or drives" and uncheck the

check box "Hide protected operating system files" --> Click on "OK" button.

Now look for your files in your external drive.

Later undo the changes you have made by once again going to "Folder Options"

--> Click on "View" tab and click on "Restore Defaults" button --> Click on "OK".

Good Luck
Thank you

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Hi, jack4rall great job you are excellent person, My all prayers for your health and wealth, may God give you always happiness and respect in your family and friends.

Thanks a lot jack4rall, I could recover all my folders by following an alternative method suggested by you. It was a great HELP!.
Thanks jack4rall, this fixed the problem and now I can see all the folders on my external Seagate drive! A very big help!
huge thanx..
u r of great help
it worked oh my god... dont go for any command prompt and attrib etc............just stick to this method:-)))))))
U can also do this :

Right click on drive ----> Add to Archive

Browse ---> Select your own Drive


U will get all data :) Hope it will work.
I tried using the "attrib" command and received a "data error: cyclic redundancy" message. Any suggestions? Drive folders won't show up on PC or MAC, though MAC shows 69k files... Thank you!