How to fix crash dump physical memory error? [Closed]

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My computer restarts many times and a blue screen with the following message appears. "... ... ...
... ... ... crash dump
... ... ... physical memory
... ... ..."

How can I fix this problem. Please help me!!!

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Thank you
Turn your computer off.

locate the F8 key on the keyboard.

turn your PC on and keep pressing the F8 key until you get an advanced boot menu.

from this menu select "disable automatic reboot on system failure".

the next time the PC blue screens you will get a STOP code (eg. 0x000000fe)

give us all the details and we can further assist.

Thank you, kieferschild 94

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I have same problem with stop code 0x00000007B. Please suggest solution.
i have same problen plz help me
Unfortunately it did not work... but you are correct with the rest... I am looking for hours and nothing seems to help and then I found this
How To Fix Blue Screen Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory Error ?
physical memory dump
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Thank you
IT didn't work but I clean my CPU Box and brushed AM Hard Disk and refixed it and it worked .
hanks a lot for your suggestion. Bye
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Thank you
System crashes usually because of bad memory module (RAM Configuration), failing hard drive, virus/trojan attack etc. and there isn't any single fix for that.

You'll need to attach dump files create in your Winodw/system32 directory with next reply so that we can analyze and advise possible solution.

Hope you understand.

To Fix Blue Screen Memory Dump Error, try this tricks:
1. Repair/Clean Registry.
2. Scan for Virus.
3. Use Hotfix for Windows 7 users.
4. Check the recently installed hardware and device driver.
5. Check for a faulty RAM or ports.
To know the detailed information, visit the below link.