My keyboard won't work! [Closed]

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August 29, 2013
 gaboca -
I have an HP laptop, and my keyboard skips lines and won't type at all. it takes forever to type an email or anything because of this, how do I clean out my keyboard or fix it?????? HELP PLEASE!

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Somtimes there a this weird lock on the keyboard which I me btw. Press both controls that are on your keyboard at the same time , the log in to your desktop and restart, that worked for me ;)
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Sometimes there's this*
Which happened to me btw*
Sorry for those typos I was
Typing really fast on my phone lol
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Hi sarah.18,

Please try the below mentioned steps and reply with results:

1. Please start the computer and enter System Setup (BIOS).
2. Restore System Setup fields to Defaults and clear NVRAM (if available).
3. Shut down the computer and disconnect Battery, AC Adapter and external devices.
4. Press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds and then release the power button.
5. Re-connect the AC Adapter and Battery only and power on the computer.
6. Start tapping the F8 key and boot to the Safe Mode.
7. In the "Safe Mode" press and hold "Windows key" on the keyboard and press the key "R".
8. Run dialog box will be displayed.
9. Type "devmgmt.msc" (without quotations marks) and hit Enter.
10. Expand "Keyboards", right click the listed keyboard(s) and select "Uninstall".
11. Restart the computer and wait for the keyboard drivers to load.
12. Check the functionality of the keyboard now.

Note: you will find steps to perform steps 1-2 in the Manual of the laptop.

Do reply with results.
If it has a warranty still. Send it back, to the company. I had a same problem with Asus. Could be the windows system scrooving it up. I try first with a beta windows 7. The camera was upside down, the keyboard was typing whatewer it want to, I got a windows XP on. Work perfectly, exept the keyboard. The company chanched for me. I didn't like this laptop, from the first time. I had three before, with no problem
, so I just used for travel, or if I was sick for sitting, near my computer. Finally I was sold it. Get one android tablet, same function less problem, less weight. Has a lots of program for it.

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