Laptop sony vaio light blinks for 2 seconds then it turns of [Solved/Closed]

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Thursday February 20, 2014
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February 20, 2014
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I have a sony vaio laptop , actually yesterday I had a problem: I try to turn it on but the light blinks for 2 seconds then it turns of , I tried to remove the battery and plug the laptop directly in the charger , it is still the same , I have mesured the voltage output of the charger it is 19,5V so what could the problem??

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Ok, try this. You have mentioned that you took the battery out. You must remove ALL power from the unit, and hold down the power button for 30 seconds. You will be removing all of the power in all of those little 1/0 switches, and reset them all.

Put the battery back in and apply power from the wall.

Try it again.

Let us know!

It works! Quick and easy; thank you!