Blocked hotmail account for 30 days

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My Hotmail has been blocked since 28th February 2014. It stated that it will be for 24 hours. However I still cannot access it. I am going around in circles, as it asks me to reset password and after doing this, I can still not access my account. It states that my alternative email address has asked for a security code so it will take 30 days to receive it.
I cannot afford to wait 30 days. I get too many emails and need to refer to my historical emails. I am trying as per tips above regarding setting up new email and contacting the Microsoft directly and awaiting to see if they can help to unblock the original email. actually I also could not access the new email, just set up. I have gmail account to use in the future.
However I need my original Hotmail account, so will forward my email to gmail for the future.

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stop using a useless service like hotmail from a useless company like microsoft and go to gmail.
I think perhaps give up on emailing and we just go back to the old fashioned but reliable phone service!!!!!!
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Sep 28, 2015 at 11:34 PM
Best answer in the whole post! I think we need to go back to BBS like on Compu Serve and Q-Link.

These days it will be very easy to set up since phone companies don't charge for long distance where in the actual days of bulleten boards you'd have to pay thru the nose every minute.

Now it's all flat fees as part of your phone bill.