Toshiba laptop sattelite insert a bootable device and press any

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I have a 4-year old toshiba,bought it used and it worked well til a couple of weeks ago. I used to get occasionally the message, check your cable connection, no bootable device, insert a bootable device and press any key. Now that message comes up all the time and since yesterday, I can't even get passed bringing the computer up. Tried to press the F8 key to reset, but now the message even comes up in that window. I never got a bootable CD. Can this computer be saved? Thanks to anyone who is willing to answer me. Erika

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Jul 21, 2014 at 09:29 AM

i hope you have a backup of your data because it sounds like your hard drive has failed.

If you can get into the BIOS (F2 or DEL) - You may see the hard disk displayed in there.

if there is no hard disk then it has failed.

i would recommend taking it to a local computer shop who will take out the hard drive and try to read the data from it.

if you can get a new hard drive and swap it with the one thats in there, then reinstall Windows you'll be set. don't let them con you and tell you your laptop is broken.