I have an Apple Ipod Touch 5th Gen that will not turn on. Help!

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I have an Apple Ipod Touch 5th Generation that will not turn on. It died about 10 days ago and nothing is working, I have tried everything just seeing if anyone else has ideas . Please give me any idea that may work, thank you.

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Try plugging in the charger then press and hold down the Center button and the Menu button at the same time.
Thank you

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Thank u so much I was going to die it's not my iPod and if my dad saw it wouldn't turn on I would have gotten in to much trouble thanks so much u saved my life and I'm not kidding
thank you very much, your answer solved my problem.
I am not familiar with the ipod, so I need to know if the center button is the power button, and also how long do you have to hold the center button and menu button down before it comes on?
omg!!! I was just reading the comments thinking this wasnt going to work , then I tried it && it worked !!!! thanks soooooo much
legit!! It really works!! Huhu thank youuu so much!!
It actually worked!! Thank you!!
Thank you!! I was freaking way out