Internet connection goes when phonecall received

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Hi, I am a sky customer and have a sky box, hub and sky talk. My internet connection goes as soon as the phone rings and comes back after a few minutes of hanging up, please tell me how i can resolve this. I was given a microfilter and a splitter.

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Sep 3, 2014 at 10:31 AM
Well, the ring voltage is killing the synch carrier to your station. You must put a filter inline with your DSL box so that the ringing voltage does not interfere with the box. Your installer should have put one in. If it is a self install, there should have been one in the box. The microfilter should have two ports, one that looks like phone, and pne that looks like pc or router. Plug the filter into the wall, and the phone into the phone jack, and the router intot the router jack.

That will clear it. If it does not, then you must update your house wiring, as the interference of the ring is bleeding over to the other pairs. The filter should clear your problems.

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