Toshiba satellite a35-s159 problems Unsolved

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 RatchetBrat - Mar 27, 2012 at 03:58 PM
first off some things had been deleted by a hasty girlfriend
i thought everything was fixed except when u turn the comp on it would be just the screen saver
so enter control shift esc and enter explorer.exe and desktop would come up
i ran avast and it deleted somthing and now when u turn comp on it shows user and when u click on it to signin it automatically logs u back out safemode does the same thing i cant get in to the comp

if i use the recovery and applications/driver disc will it erase my files

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Mar 23, 2009 at 05:18 AM
try to repair your windows to see if it works.
for this, you need the windows installation CD.
thanks for the reply but
i cant even get into this machine to do that
i put the cd in and nothing
reminder that the cd is a factory toshiba install disc that came with comp
when i login it automatically logs me out and i cant do anything
f8 works but i dont know how to use
boot works but dosent seem to help
safemode logs me out as well
i can see the bios stuff will that help somhow

hope to here from u soon
Try this:
Install a free linux OS on a flash drive (most distributors include instructions on their websites on how to do this).
Make sure your computer is off and plug in your linux flashdrive.
turn on the computer and get to BIOS (whichever F key gets you there)
hit the right arrow until you have highlighted BOOT
Using the controls listed at the bottom, move the flashdrive up in the boot order until it is the first option.
hit the right key once to go to exit, the choose to save the settings.
your computer should now boot in linux. The user interface is very similar to windows, depending on the version of linux you chose.
simply plug in another flash drive or portable hard drive and copy your files over.
From there you can restore either using a disk or, if it is newer than 2007, power it no while holding down zero after putting the boot order back to normal, or just install the linux operating system on the flashdrive if you like.