My computer is not booting

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Is anyone on here able to lend technical assistance? I can't get my desktop computer to start properly.

I unplugged it completely when I went on holiday for 3 weeks, and when I got back, it apparently wouldn't display anything on the monitor. I tried a different monitor, and the TV, but I could get nothing. Typing my password in blind did nothing. I realised that there was also no sound. I kept turning it off and on again.

Later, I noticed that during one of the restart cycles, that it didn't take anywhere near as long as usual to stop the "thinking" hum it does when it starts up. Usually, it continues this (with the "working" lights on the tower blinking away) for 3-4 minutes before the login page comes up. But what it is currently doing is thinking for less than 20 seconds, before just apparently running: the fans are going, the power button is lit up as normal, but I can get no output.

My brother suggested that the on-board graphics card might be busted. But the odd thing is: I unplugged it again and took it out of its cupboard, opened it up, and cleaned out the fan and made sure all the connections I could find were secure. Then, without moving it, I connected the power and the monitor, and it started fine. It loaded my desktop, I fiddled with the new monitor's settings, and decided to turn it off so I could put it back where it normally goes. (So I could get internet and sound and everything.) But then it went right back to not functioning, and nothing I have done has been able to get it working again.

It's an AMD motherboard, I bought it a year and a half ago. No external graphics card.

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