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 Akayg -
I've been having an issue with PSN! I cannot connect to psn with my personal wi-fi, but it works fine with my neighbor one. When I do the internet connection test I get these:
Optain IP address succeeded
Internet connection succeeded
PSN failed
Just to mention the internet browser works fine on my ps3 also my iphone and other stuff works fine with my wifi... I tried your advices like reseting my default settings and media server off.. Nothing worked. Please help me as soon as you can, I've been having this problem for 2 days.

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But in most case this error is due to the fact that the PSN server is down, all you can to is to wait until it is OK again,
I've been experiencing this of late too. I've used my personal hotspot on my Samsung Galaxy J3 and my iPhone 5 and both fail to connect. Sony says their network is working just fine. I think somebody's is lying to me.
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Saturday January 14, 2017
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> Rhodie
I agree someone is lying my ps4 wont connect to Psn bc its saying im having the wrong passworn but im putting in the right password though and psn keeps saying failed when there servers are up and running
I have the same situation and I don't know what to do. Pls help??
Happening to me too. I played all day yesterday then when I plugged it back in at about 8pm it stopped working
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I had the same problem but I fixed it. Try this:
Go to:settings - network settings - media server connection than disable the media server.
Hope this worked! -Nick
As I said, I turned the media server off but still cant connect..