My internet explorer keeps shutting down

laura - Apr 17, 2009 at 12:07 PM
 les - Apr 14, 2013 at 12:01 AM
I'm having some troubles with my wireless laptop! It either won't load up and says internet explorer is experiencing problems or it shuts down all the time. I've found it tends to shut down when I try to close pop up adverts or watch things online. I'm completely computer illiterate so any help (in simple terms) would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Click on tools-Internet Options-Advanced-security- Uncheck the box enable third party brower ext files in IE.
My explorer does the same thing and I don't have viruses or malware or anything like that. I scan for these things constantly. I have been told that uploading a newer version of Flash player will fix this, but I have the newest version! I have been told that numerous different things could be causing it, but everytime I look into it, that doesn't fix it! I am wits end and have started using Google Chrome. No crashes since, period.
thunder55 > KAC
Apr 24, 2010 at 06:03 PM
this is all not true, I have done all the above and still get knocked off, I have avast, no virus, I have malywarebytes which by the way is excellent and still no virus, its is also free and I still get bumped off, I have all the java updates, I have the adobe updates everthing updated still get knocked off, I like to play spades on and it is fun, it wont let me play with fire fox, or any other browser like opera ect...... so I need to use internet explorer 8, I can play sometimes a full game of spades then the next time I play bang right in the middle of maybe two more plays I get knocked off, that makes my score go low down, I am at my wit end if anyone can truly help let me know. thanks
I had the same problem everytime I tried to launch an Adobe document from the internet it would shut down. I did as Joe suggested, and it worked fine. Thanks Joe!
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May 2, 2010 at 08:40 AM
Hello Grace,

Thank you for your feedback.

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May 23, 2010 at 02:30 PM
Thanks, Joe, that advice for a fix was a good one. IE continued to shut down after DSL was installed on my PC.
It happened to me also. Every time I would turn my computer on and open Internet Explorer 8, then without notice my computer would just shut down by itself. To solve the problem I made a full virus scan using Avast and found two viruses ( I don't remember their names). After that, I haven't had any problems.
Cassandra Lee
Apr 1, 2010 at 09:05 PM
I have had similar issues. I have a mac laptop and lately whenever I go onto safari it will unexpectedly shut down all my internet windows. I have found it happens most often when I am on youtube-does anyone think maybe that has anything to do with the problem? I have no idea what to do about this problem, because I am not a "computer person" so if anyone knows why this keeps happening or how to get it to stop, I would really appreciate it! thank you!-----------Cassandra Lee
Ruben, thank you very much for the tip. I will be sure to Avast and search for viruses. I had a feeling it was Malware or some other virus that was doing this to my computer, and now I will be sure to check it out with Avast. Also, is Avast a free download? Or do I have to pay? And how do I go about obtaining it? It would be really great if anyone could tell me the details about it. Thank you all very much, and have a blessed and happy life.

Jaina McNare
I have the same issue and it began just after updating to Adobe Flash 10. I suggest going to their site as I will do next and reinstall and/or uninstall and go back to the older version.

Can anyone answer this....Is it possible that because I haven't upgraded to IE 8 while allowing the upgrade to Flash 10 cause this?

I've heard too many people complain of IE shutdown issues with IE 8 and so haven't allowed the update. I'm looking forward to hearing the answers to this one because I know of oodles of people with that issue and so am afraid to update, but at the same time I know that several things won't work eventually if I don't.

I'll check back. BTW...I have no malware. I do regular scans, run excellent firewall and antivirus and regular maintenance. On top of that I just had someone who's quite good on pc's look it over and so I'm pretty certain malware isn't my problem.

Thanks, in advance, for any/all assistance.
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Aug 2, 2009 at 08:36 AM
Hi :)

I agree about using Firefox instead

While it does sound very much like a virus it could equally easily be caused by just some other random Windows problem. If you have a legit copy of Windows you might want to poke around on
to see if they have anything helpful about Internet Explorer problems at the moment.

For the longer term I would recommend trying out a few demo versions of linux, it's really not as tough and geeky any more but is almost completely virus free

Here's a detailed guide on how to try out a demo of Ubuntu.

When you download Ubuntu from
then make a cd of it by double-clicking on the iso file, this guide might help
i tend to find the cheapest "write once" cds that you can only get in blocks of 10 or more are better for this than more expensive cds and dvds tend to be really rubbish for this. Anyway once you have the cd then boot up from it to the menu with "Try Ubuntu without changes to this machine", if you don't get that menu then this guide might help
Choosing the "Try Ubuntu ... " option should get you to a working desktop which we call a "LiveCd session", if it works ;) Most versions of linux have this feature although they don't all have such a fancy menu. Ubuntu's LiveCd has firefox on the top taskbar and should have worked out your internet connection so having got a LiveCd session working you should be able to surf around and check that Ubuntu is going to work easily on the machine. Once you've done that then a dual-boot is better than wiping off an existing working OS, even if that is Windows ;)

Ooops, I got carried away and showed a good way to install it without losing Windows
Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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While Firefox and Chrome seem to be faster and more stable, I have come accross too many websites that will only work with IE (i.e online bill payments)
I was hit with the conficker virus last week - ever since my IE7 now just shuts down when it wants to - always the same message- ie has encountered a problme and must shut down. Also when I go to start the browser up, it automatically shuts down the first time and when I restart it, it starts up but after awhile it will shut down again. Before Conficker I was having the issue maybe once in a great while, now it is all the time. I have run MalwareBytes on it - that is how I cleaned off the virus and that has been taken care of. The system will not let me download any other browser now though either.