External hard drive to tv receiver

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Hi Guys,

Im a real amateur with this stuff.

Can some one please tell me why my WD external hard drive is not recognised by my Yamaha RX v677 receiver, The reciver has a USB port on the front panel but it does not show up? Appreciate any help

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Aug 16, 2015 at 06:28 PM
Hi there!

I just had a look at your system and it is a whopper!

I also had a read of the manual - Have you ever heard the expression RTFM?



It says that your device will support USB devices that are FAT32 formatted.

i'm going to assume that your USB device is NTFS. A common file structure which supersedes FAT.

So there are two options - We can either:-

A) Format the drive to FAT32 wiping all data currently on the drive or
B) Convert it from NTFS to FAT32 but the conversion will take a while.

so for:

A) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows?ui=en-US&rs=en-001&ad=US#1TC=windows-7

and B) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows?ui=en-US&rs=en-001&ad=US

As Mark would say - Have fun!

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