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 lolly -
Plz can someone help me. I have forgotten my facebook password and can't log in. 1 of my trusted friends is saying the link won't work. My account has my old password but new phone number. Plz help!!!!!?

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Have you tried this mthod yet? https://www.facebook.com/login/identify
Thank you

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Yeah ac3mark but it keeps saying I haven't sent any id when in fact I've sent my driving licence 3x ?
Thanks for the reply ?
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Ok, be patient. Let us scale your problem to only 1% of the websites subscribers. So 1% of 1.53 BILLION is how many people having the same issue, for a human to figure out with some help from an algorithm. Let us say that PC helps cut down the task to ....oh 2 minutes, per incident.

Now here comes the Math: How long would it take to handle the number of problems?
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Is that too much math?
Haha? problem solved now thanks for all your valued help ?